Seventh annual "Share a Seed, Watch it Grow" event coming up

Murray State University’s department of recreation in the college of health sciences and human services (HSHS) partners with Murray city schools and the Murray-Calloway County Parks Department to provide local kindergartners with fun and valuable environmental education.

The seventh annual Share a Seed; Watch is Grow program will be held as a part of that partnership. The program allows students to plant seeds, grow them into seedlings and then replant them in the park.

The two-day event kicks off on April 15 at Murray Elementary School. Students will be involved in a variety of activities including planting seeds, making instruction booklets for their seeds, playing plant bingo, visiting the Pullen Farm greenhouse at Murray State and planting flowers in their school beds.

The second day will be held on May 6 at the Murray-Calloway County Park. This day allows students to enjoy an array of activities including planting their seedlings, participation in team building activities and disc golf, and more.


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