There are so many exciting things happening in Institutional Advancement. I am proud of all areas and their efforts to continue to advance this university. Today, I would like to introduce a new marketing initiative we have been working on.

You may remember that our branding research, compiled in 2009, identified four characteristics that stand out for the Murray State brand (academic quality, affordability, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and school spirit). Since academic quality and affordability are things that many universities can claim, we wanted to dig deeper into the notion of "warm and welcoming" and "school spirit" characteristics. University Communications staff, led by Catherine Sivills, came together in early December and began working through this and talking about how we make this a key component to our messaging. We have come up with a statement, written by Sherry McClain, that reflects the true Murray State brand. Our goal for 2011 is to really share our brand in a more intimate way to potential students and also gain more allegiance with alumni. Frankly, many of our competitors have things to brag about but very few have the unique culture that exists here. Here is the statement -

Like the Thoroughbreds we are named for,
Racers are SPIRITED and PROUD.
We have the HEART and WILL to SUCCEED,
to go farther, LEARN MORE, and embrace WISDOM.
We are CHAMPIONS who take our place in the Murray State tradition.


So, we will push the We Are Racers and believe it will catch on campus wide. This does not replace our tagline "Your World To Explore," rather it pushes and extends the brand further and allows us to communicate what is truly unique about Murray. We have several things planned for this campaign, including a video day where we will set up cameras and capture students telling us what it means to be a Racer (in their own words). I am extremely excited about this because I truly think students look for a "home" and not just a school. We hear all of the time that once students visit campus, they see these unique attributes for themselves and fall in love with the culture. If you have a testimony you want to share, go ahead and tell us. Send us an e-mail at and tell us what being a RACER means to you. Start thinking about it now because, more than likely, we will ask you to share your story!

Also, Dr. Dunn has agreed to pronounce every Friday as Racer Spirit Day. So wear your Racer gear on Fridays!!! Of course, if you have to wear business attire, guys, throw on a blue and gold tie and gals, add in a blue and gold scarf or pendant!

And finally,

Go Racers!


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