MSU professors create YNL textbook

Murray State University’s Dr. Roger Weis, professor and director of American Humanics, and Dr. Robert Long, Visiting Distinguished Professor of Nonprofit Leadership, recently released a text and workbook, Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organizations. The pair worked on creating the book for approximately a year, with six months devoted to intense writing. According to Weis, “The leadership book is an evolution of texts that goes back about 15 years.”

Considering some of the challenges as well as the rewards, Weis said, “the two biggest obstacles are making yourself do it and getting published. It is rewarding because we are sharing knowledge that students really need for the professional world.”

Weis and Long take pride in their work collaborate well. “Being part of an effort to create the only textbook for undergraduate nonprofit leadership and management education is an honor,” Long said, “and, it was a personal and professional joy to work with Roger Weis on the project.”

Prior to his position as Visiting Distinguished Professor of Nonprofit Leadership at MSU, Long retired from a 16-year career with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation where he served as the vice president-programs. Long has been visiting Murray State’s campus for many years and began his position at MSU in the fall of 2008.

He said he wanted to be a part of MSU because he loves the students and believes they “have consistently demonstrated a commitment to serve far beyond most college students with whom I have been associated throughout my long career.”

He adds, “I admire the faculty, staff and management that support a truly student-centered institution.”

Weis has been a professor at Murray for 22 years and is involved with a number of clubs, organizations and committees. He said he originally came to MSU as a stepping stone for higher education, but fell in love with Murray and decided to make it his career path. “The students and folks are the smartest and most caring in the world,” he explained.

In addition to the recent text and workbook, Weis has also published several other books including his recently released collection of poems, Summer Sands. The collection of 54 poems chronicles the carefree life of a young man’s passion for the sea, love and life.

“Inspiration is from life, from being by the sea throughout all stages of my life, by romance, by going to war, then losing faith and then searching for faith,” he said.

Copies of Summer Sands can be found at the Murray State University Store, University Book and Bean, and New Life Christian Book Store.


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