Features — 12 June 2014

An upcoming opportunity to learn how to integrate LEGO® robotics in the classroom will provide K-12 teachers from Murray State University’s 18-county service region tools to diversify teaching strategies and address Kentucky Common Core STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) standards. The office of regional outreach is partnering with Dr. Brandi King in the college of education to present a free two-day LEGO® robotics education workshop for K-12 teachers in the region on June 26-27.

According to King, this training opportunity will “prepare teachers to work with students using LEGO® robotics kits. Participants will be expected to use the kits with students in the classroom, in an after-school club setting or coach a First LEGO® League team, which is for students ages 9-14.”

King’s passion for robotics prompted her to direct robotics summer camps for kids on Murray State’s campus and, more recently, to provide teachers with more hands-on instruction options. “The more teachers who have this technology at their fingertips, the more children who can be exposed to it in the classroom since not all kids can attend the camps,” King noted.

All participants will be loaned the use of one LEGO® robotics kit for one school year. Homeschool teachers are encouraged to sign up as well.

To register, contact King at bking11@murraystate.edu or call regional outreach at 270.809.5888.


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